Nokia Apps

Beer Finder

Beerfinder has over 250,000 pubs, bars and other places to drink stored in it's internal database. It uses the built in GPS and digital compass to display all nearby locations on a live radar screen. You can also look up the location on Google for a quick review.


Available from Ovi Store

Where Was I?

Where Was I? is a simple locator program, styled after the LED based trackers often seen on 80's action films. All you do is hold the store button until all the LEDs light up, then it will always point you back to that location, and tell you how far away you are in KM or miles.

Ideal for finding your way back to your car, point of interest, or simply finding your way home after using BeerFinder!


Available from Ovi Store

Note to users: Simply slide the ON/OFF switch to switch to OFF to exit the app!