Simple software - great photos!

PhotoTweaker was written to work in a similar way to film based 35mm cameras. Instead of complex plugins and editing tools, you get a choice of film, gradiant filter and normal filter

Of course, being digital, PhotoTweaker allows you to do all this to existing JPEG images, and even set the final result as your desktop wallpaper with one click!

Download for free HERE

Film List

Standard, B&W, Artistic B&W, Antique, Technicolor, Desaturated, Super Colour, Compressed Tones, PerfectColour

Graduated Filters

Soft Graduated ND, Hard Graduated ND, Hard Graduated Sky (Mouse moves the graduation point)

Normal Filters

Sky Blue, Warm, Polarizer, Colour Enhancement


This is PhotoTweaker in action - no hidden menus or toolboxes!!

This is the original photo

And this is what PhotoTweaker did to it...

Current Status

Unfortuantely the source code was lost in the great hard drive failure of 2008.. So all I have is the original installer. The JPEG save quality was set rather low on this version - sorry - I can't do anything about that.

Because of this, PhotoTweaker is free to do what you want with, and no support can be given

One day - I might re-write it and port it to mobile devices (real time PhotoTweaking!)

Until then, grab it at HERE