The ultimate add-on for Propellerheads Reason and Record

Relaunch is an amazing add-on for Reason and Record that enables external MIDI equipment to be used in far more effective ways than normally possible. Features Include:

Full Support for Novation Launchpad

Using Relaunch with the Launchpad takes Reason and Record to the next level. Custom mappings for the mighty Kong are included, and a special Live mode combines 4 Dr. Octorex and 2 Kong instruments. Tempo synchronised arpeggiators and filter slides work with any instrument, and there's even a live VU mode for the mixer.

MIDI Clock Out:

One of the biggest limitations of Reason and Record is the lack of MIDI out. Relaunch allows you to bypass this problem by regenerating the MIDI clock so as to keep any external MIDI instrument in perfect sync. Start and Stop works flawlessly, and a latency control is available for fine tuning the synchronisation.

MIDI File Playback:

Relaunch can also playback a MIDI file generated from Reason or Record. This means you can record a live session from your synth, quantise it and apply groove within Reason / Record and then export it as a MIDI file. Relaunch will then play it back out of your synth in perfect sync.

Put simply, this is the closest you are going to get to true MIDI out using Reason or Record!

Note that MIDI sync and playback are not available in the free Launchpad version, however, a 2 minute demo is available on the free version to ensure hardware compatibility.


LaunchPad Only Free VersionFree
Personal Use10 GBP
Commercial Use25 GBP
Note - Commercial Use includes professional studio use and use at ticketed events

Licenses are not refundable - please use the Resync demo in the free version to ensure compatibility and suitability before purchase


Version 1.00

Microsoft Windows
Apple OSX
Instruction Manual

Important OSX Information

The previous version of the OSX version had some out of date files which will stop MIDI playback working correctly. To fix this, please delete the following directories in your home folder:

  • Library/Application Support/Propellerhead Software/Remote/Codecs/Lua Codecs/Deluded
  • Library/Application Support/Propellerhead Software/Remote/Maps/Deluded
  • Then copy across the latest version of Relaunch above. Run Relaunch, then Record / Reason.